Santa Barbara Wedding at The Biltmore


Cindy and Brian’s luxurious wedding at the Four Seasons Biltmore was photographed in film by Lacie Hansen Photography. Wedding Planner ~ Davia Lee Weddings & Events MUA ~ Team Hair and Makeup

This day for me was so rewarding as a first year floral designer. I remember going to this venue that day in October 2014 and feeling so blessed and overwhelmed. You see, a little over a year before (May 2013) my husband and I had taken our honeymoon very near to this venue. We had walked by this hotel in awe and on butterfly beach (which you will see in the last photos). We had no idea, at the time, that a few short months later we would be relocating from Texas to this area for a new job. If you could have gone back in time and told me while I was standing outside that grand hotel that a year later I will be designing floral arrangements for a wedding here, I would have laughed and never believed you!

But there I was, setting up large scale centerpieces, handing an orchid bouquet to the most glamorous bride…I literally get chills thinking about how grateful I am that my dream came true…

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