Rose Story Farm Tour

Last weekend I had the opportunity to tour the Rose Story Farm with my flower friend Tangled Lotus! The farm is located in the perfect growing conditions of Carpenteria and specializes in growing fragrant garden roses. There is a huge difference between these garden roses and the types of roses you would find in the grocery store. These roses take much longer to grow and are heirloom or old fashion roses with tons of fragrance where as the roses you might find in the grocery store usually come from South America and are more of a hybrid rose with little to no fragrance. The hybrid roses usually are bred to last longer in a vase and are less expensive where as the garden roses are extremely delicate and require extra care and handling and may not have a long vase life. It is always so much fun using these garden roses in my arrangements as they add so much romance and beauty to the design.

Here is a compote arrangement using Yves Piaget garden roses (the fragrance was heavenly!)CBR_7398-web

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