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The Chapel at Gruene

New Braunfels, TX

Camille’s Wedding was a picturesque celebration that unfolded amidst the charming landscape of Gruene, Texas. The outdoor summer ceremony at the quaint chapel was adorned with an enchanting display of pastel-colored flowers, exuding a serene and romantic ambiance. As guests gathered under the open air chapel, they were greeted by an awe-inspiring asymmetrical full floral arch, meticulously crafted with delicate blooms in soft hues. Smilax vines and lush greenery cascaded gracefully from the rafters, adding a touch of natural elegance to the setting. The floral arrangements provided a perfect complement to the rustic charm of the venue, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for Camille and her guests to cherish forever.

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A Full Botanical Experience

In this bouquet, romance blooms in a delicate blend of white dahlias, Queen of Sweden and Angel Face roses, scabiosa, Queen Anne’s lace, blush stock, and trailing honeysuckle vines. A botanical arrangement complete with a light green, hand-dyed silk ribbon.

Delicate and lush smilax greenery graced the chapel rafters to provide a romantic and picturesque setting. At the end of the aisle, we designed a deconstructed, asymmetrical floral arch filled with lush blooms. Bridesmaids’ bouquets were tastefully restrained using all white blooms and accented with hand-dyed silk ribbons.


A Botanical Dream at the Chapel in Gruene

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